Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In The News : Police Abuse - Not a Minority This Time

Once again the police seem to be out of control, but this time a Caucasian is making the complaint. She claims that during a traffic stop were police suspected that the driver was intoxicated; she and her son were thrown out of their car and ruffed up by police. So much so that her son eventually ran from the officers trying to escape. First, if this were a minority mom and son their complaint most likely would not have made it this far. Seconded, we know what usually happens if a minority run from the police....."POW". Third, it is very interesting that the police eventually dropped the charges against the mom and her son. Hopefully this family will be able to get justice and the officers are kick off the force so they are not able to continue to do this to any more people. It is and officers job to arrest, not to be judge and jury. It seems that this is just another case of officers again getting mad when someone disputes their accusation.

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