Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Medicine as Murder: Unauthorized human testing

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by Underground Panther in the Sky, Unknown News.com
July 10, 2006

One of the Nazis' flaws was that their death camps were out there for all to see, confirmed with a simple flyover. The trains of people were visible to every German. Who knows how long that state of denial could go on. Eventually it broke, and the dictators get dragged through the street.

Smart psychopaths don't want to lose the game, so the study how other psychopaths were busted. When the bodies piled up and the neighbors notice something stinks, then the jig is up. How does a smart psychopath get around that?

How would corporate psychopath Nazis hide the Death camps from the do-gooder human rights people, like Amnesty International, if it was happening all over again nowadays? Hide them in plain sight. Hide the prisoners inside jails, hospitals and nursing homes, foster care, private homes. Put the death camps where forgotten people or sick, hurt people are vulnerable and may die anyway. Just kill and call it a "clinical trial" done without consent.

It's much harder, after all, to see the killers, to count the bodies murdered, to reveal the methods, when you never know what killed them... And you will never know whom is guilty of a crime if a crime scene is a 'clinical trial,' declared private "proprietary information" and a company secret. Can't know squat if everything you need to know has been redacted from the 'study' results to protect corporate privacy. You'll never see a cattle car coming for you, when it looks like a hospital emergency room.

You might declare, 'Not in my body you don't', or 'Not with my life — don't test your poisons and potions on me. Oh, but you don't have a right to say no to your self serving testing now, do you? Especially when you're bleeding to death and unconscious. So your life and rights will be taken away, simply because they can be taken away.

Well, fuck you very much!

Fuck all these corporate sociopaths. We've got to do something before they go too far — oops, they already did — but nobody's looking.

It happens one by one. A mother dies from an untested drug to stop her heart from fibrillating, and she and her family had no clue she was a lab rat... A is kid shot on the street, taken to an ER, given fake blood and dies, and nobody knows he was given the fake blood. A homeless guy dies from a trial vaccine he got for the flu, but no-one had to ask his permission... A drug addict dies from an untested medicine and nobody notices... An old lady in a nursing home dies from an untested drug but who cares, who even knows? A foster kid dies from AIDS medicines, an orphan too, a retarded kid, and they won't be missed, I'm sure. Some mother's problem teen gets too big a dose of psych drugs, just to test how much a body can take before it implodes, and nobody knows why her kid died. Must have been stress. The company owns the results of the 'studies', the reasons for these deaths, and the company caused these deaths, but all the evidence remains in a corporate vault somewhere — evidence that is "proprietary information" now.

With these new laws violating consent, we will never see the horrors coming at us. If we keep trusting these corporate psychopaths — as if they see us as anything but a means to their own depraved ends, more profit, and a very sick utopian vision — they will impose their will, their tests, their death upon us whether we consent or not.

Drug companies can test experimental, unapproved, unsafe, deadly drugs on human beings without our consent now. And it's funny how particular hospitals and ambulance crews in poor black neighborhoods are in the scheme Testing PolyHeme is murder in plain sight, but it gets worse.

Click the articles in the sidebar, to the right. Pay special attention to FDA's new rules sidestep safety concerns, from the science journal Nature. And cross your fingers, and hope you're not selected for a 'study' without your own knowledge.
“The rules on testing in people will mostly benefit the large pharmaceutical companies, by allowing 'phase zero' or 'exploratory' trials. These are brief trials — of seven days or less — in which human subjects are given very low doses of experimental drugs before standard in vitro and animal testing is complete.”

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