Friday, October 06, 2006

School Says Police, Social Services Will Snatch Kids Of Late Parents

Indiana junior high threatens prison custody if child not picked up on time from mandatory homework class

A junior high school in Indiana threatens parents with police and child protective service involvement if they fail to pick up their child on time after mandatory Friday classes for missed homework.

Outraged parents forwarded us a letter from the Tell City Junior High School in Indiana in which they were given a days notice that their child had to attend a Friday class to catch up on missed homework.

The letter stated in bold that if a parent didn't arrive at the agreed time to pick up their child, "arrangements have been made with the Tell City Police Department to have them housed at the police station."

The letter then states that intervention by the police will also necessitate involvement of the Perry County Office of Family and Children.

This is basically a mandate for the government to snatch your kid - all for the horribly abusive act of arriving 5 minutes late to pick them up from a mandatory extra curricular class that you have been given just 24 hours notice of.

The school threatens immediate suspension of the child if the mandatory homework class is missed.

"I guess it is ok to take a child to jail if their parents only have one car," the parents told us.

"Fortunately my wife was working third shift at the time, had she not been, our kid would have been taken to the police station, and DCFS would have been called on us, simply because we only have one car and I would have
not been able to get my child after being held hostage at school, by the school."

The parents immediately withdrew their child from Tell City High and have begun home schooling.

This case is similar to programs nationwide where children are forced to attend "truancy court" if they skip a day of school or are late three times and are barked at by police and judges. Drug testing and probation then follow if the child misses another day without a doctor's note.

"I can put you under oath and if you lie to me it's called contempt and I can lock you up," froths Texas Judge Jeanne Meurer as small children are threatened with prison in the clip you can watch above (alternate Windows Media link).

You can e mail the school by clicking here or call and fax them at the numbers listed on the letter. Please be very polite and urge them to reconsider this atrocious and intimidating policy. Having social services and police grab children because their parents get stuck in traffic or only own one car is an absolute abomination and anathema to a free society.

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