Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google Earth helps Argentina tax man uncover fraud

Tuesday July 24, 2007

Argentina's tax authorities are using satellite images generated on the Internet by Google Earth to track down fraud, local media said Friday.

According to Buenos Aires province tax official Santiago Montoya, images of properties from the sky can help square the actual size of properties with that declared by taxpayers to make sure the proper amount of taxes is being paid, the reports said.

The online Google Earth service, which assembles detailed satellite pictures together with maps so that users can view specific locations and buildings, is also used by the Buenos Aires authorities to check if taxpayers may have expanded their homes in ways that would increase their value for taxation.

Montoya said he is waging "a real war" on fiscal deficits, and has already taken several steps to reduce the widespread tax fraud in Argentina

OBM: If the government in Argentina is doing this....Hmmmmmm....I wounder who else....and what else is Google Earth being used for????

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