Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pasror Manning attacks Obama

OBM: I checked several of this guys clips out on youtube and I suggest you do the same. First this guy is no Christian pastor. A pastor is able to make his point without attacking and degrading people. I'll pray for this guy. Second...he is a shining example of why blacks can not criticize blacks like this in public. The racist are going to use what he says a weapon and justification for themselves. I do agree that blacks have areas of physiological improvement that are desperately needed. Can you say “Willie Lynch”….So many of us are still asleep and focusing on material possessions, rap music, sports, and who's gettin' wit' who. We need to spend more time focused on education of ourselves and or kids, learning our history, learning truthful corrupt American history and not “his-story” full of lies, local and national employment issues, crime and police brutality, health issues, and our spirituality to name a few. I do agree with the point of the reason middle age and elderly whites like Obama. Obama is not a confronter on issues of race. I also agree that God often has a leader experience jail either to break the person first so he can use them later or as a test of the leader’s faith and an example to those who follow them, but I disagree that jail time makes a leader.

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