Friday, June 16, 2006

School Electricly Shocks Kids for Disapline: OK Now I'm Really Mad

Actual students & Treatment NOT PICTURED - Photo is for effect only.

State education officials in New York are calling for a near ban on the use of electric shock to discipline students at a controversial Massachusetts school for troubled children.

More than 150 of the 251 students at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center come from New York, and 77 wear electrodes on their arms or legs that teachers use to shock them if they misbehave.

Massachusetts officials tried for years to close the Canton school, which uses an elaborate system of rewards and punishments to treat students with autism, mental retardation, and emotional problems. Judges have repeatedly protected the center’s practices, finding that for certain troubled children, the fear of an electric shock may be the best way to prevent them from hurting themselves or others….In addition to shocks, she said, the Rotenberg Center commonly restrains children with splints, helmets, or tubes and forces them to eat ‘’bland food consisting of mashed potatoes, chicken, and spinach garnished with liver powder” as punishment

Tried to close it? What were they using, a few scary bureaucratic forms? This is criminal — the way to close this school is with an armed raid. The place should be padlocked, records taken by the District Attorney, and the school’s head Matthew Israel should be arrested along with the rest of the administration.

I do not know what is more shocking.

1. JRC using cruel and unnatural punishments on vulnerable young people with neurological and/or psychological problems.

2. New York (among others) sending their vulnerable young people to be tortured at JRC.

3. The NYSED inspectors objecting in part because staff at JRC did not have the requisite qualifications to torture vulnerable young people with neurological and/or psychological problems.

4. The fact that this is an acceptable form of "treatment."

5. That there are parents who defend the JRC.

OBM: What in the H*ll is Going On?????


Anonymous said...

yeah, uhm you don't know what you are talking about and have never worked with these kids.

OBM said...

Tuff words for a torturer ....FYI...I have a autistic child...& God help you and any other insane person like you if you had done this to my child.


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