Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Happens in the "Good Neighborhoods" of Indiana

24 Arrested In Carmel Park Sex Sting
Wed Jun 21, 7:08 PM ET

Twenty-three men and one woman were arrested in a sting targeting sexual activity at a Carmel-area park, police said Wednesday.

Police said the 24 engaged in sexual activity in clear view of undercover officers at Cool Creek Park. Most of the incidents involved men looking for sex with other men, police said.

The undercover officers went to the park to look for lewd behavior after people complained about sexual activity there, authorities said.

"It's unacceptable to me ... that there's an environment in which our kids are not safe to be, and the parks in this county are not going to be one of those places," Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter told reporters at a press conference.

The arrestees ranged in age from 21 to 81, 6News' Jeremy Brilliant reported.

Most of the 24 were arrested on charges of performance harmful to minors, a class D felony. No children were involved in the alleged sexual activity, but the felony charge because the activity happened in a public park frequented by children, authorities said.

OBM: If the wealthy suburbs were patroled just as much as the so-called bad neighborhoods this might not of been happening. The people arrested felt real comfortable to be doing this at this park.

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