Thursday, August 31, 2006


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Olbermann delivered this commentary with fire and passion while highlighting how Rumsfeld’s comments echoes other times in our world’s history when anyone who questioned the administration was coined as a traitor, unpatriotic, communist or any other colorful term. Luckily we pulled out of those times and we will pull out of these times.

Remember - Rumsfeld did not just call the Democrats out yesterday, he called out a majority of this country. This wasn’t only a partisan attack, but more so an attack against the majority of Americans.

OBM: One of the best commentaries as of yet on the subject of our president & his cabinet's direction, performance, and arrogance. I could say more....but you watch it for yourself. Also see a colection of Rumsfeld's comments below.

The politics of Donald Rumsfeld's 'New Fascism' VIDEO

David Edwards / Raw Story August 31 2006

Those who downplay the threat of terrorism in today's world can be compared to those who ignored the threat of fascism in Nazi Germany prior to World World War II, Donald Rumsfeld told the American legion yesterday.

The Secretary of Defense terms the threat of terrorism as a "new fascism." He also suggests that those opposing the war wish to appease the enemy.

E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post provided some analysis of Rumsfeld's "new fascism" to MSNBC. Dionne says, "What they're trying to say [is], 'Anybody who opposes our policy in Iraq is some kind of sell-out who is going to appease the enemy.'

Dionne continues by saying, "What they are clearly trying to do is they are clearly trying to shift attention away from specific questions about failures in Iraq -- about 'Why isn't Iraq going better?' No one is saying any of the things that they claim their opponents are saying. Their opponents are mostly saying, 'How did you guys make such a mess of this war?'"

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