Monday, September 17, 2007

Corporate Media Is Corporate America


These ten big media organizations are the main source of news for most Americans. Their corporate ties require us to continually scrutinize the quality
of their news for bias. Disney owns ABC so we wonder how the board of Disney reacts to negative news about their board of directors friends such
as Halliburton or Boeing.

Is it possible that theU.S. workforce receives only the corporate news private companies want them to hear? Do we collectively realize that working people
in theU.S. have longer hours, lower pay and fewer benefits than their
foreign counterparts? If these companies control the media, they control
the dissemination of news turning the First Amendment on its head by protecting
corporate interests over people.

Another trend we found was the connections to higher education around
the country. There are board members associated with USC (the Washington
Post), Columbia (Gannett), Georgetown (Disney), NYU (the Washington
Post), and Wharton (Knight-Ridder) to name a few. With the decreasing
state and federal funding to universities, will we see our higher learning
institutions tie themselves more to corporations than the government for their
funding? Will higher education become increasingly elite and consumeroriented?
Will the universities eventually focus education around the production
of workers or thinkers?

As the Roman Empire declined, Feudalism took the place of the government.
The feudal lord was one of the few sources of jobs in the fourth
and fifth centuries. These lords owned most of the land and resources. Today,
we replace feudalism with corporatism. The mass population has few choices
for their news, information and education. As corporate media applauds an
ownership society, we must realize who gets to own. In corporate-dominated
capitalism wealth concentration is the goal and the corporate media are the

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