Monday, September 24, 2007

OBM Looking into the Future: Coming Soon: The Mother of All Genealogy Databases - Probably Google

Social networking services are connecting and sharing their databases, and the DNA-based genealogy services and projects are building up databases and sharing them with each other. Take a look at what's going on here:

Written records are being digitized so genealogy enthusiasts can find out about their family histories.

Web 2.0 technology, including social networking, is being employed to enable people to make family connections and document them online into massive, growing and shared databases.

Web sites that specialize in genealogy are letting users compile family histories, then connect them to other branches of their family trees. All this is being stored in searchable databases.

Various projects are mapping DNA and showing family connections and ancestry. This, too, is being placed into searchable databases.

Amazingly, all this has come about in just the past 10 years. So what will happen in the next 10?

OBM: Warn Your Entire Family to Stop Using & Not to Use These Service!!!!

Yes, such a database would enable you to do absolutely amazing things. For example:

  1. Enter your unique ID info and that of any other person, and the site would trace you both back to the most recent common shared ancestor.
  2. Follow a timeline that shows the locations and migrations of ancestors all leading up to the descendant that is you.
  3. Track down every living relative.
  4. Pick any year in history and see just how many of your ancestors were alive at the time.
  5. Genetic family relationships could be combined with social networking friendships or business relationships to render the most direct connection with anyone else ("Hey, you're the brother-in-law of my former boss's wife!").
  6. And many other cool tricks nobody can even think of right now.

OBM: But this has more Privacy, Government, Surveillance, Historical, and Biblical implications than you could shake a stick at. Please use your own software (powerpoint or others) to create your own family tree database AND KEEP IT FOR YOUR FAMILIES & YOUR EYES ONLY!!!!!

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