Monday, October 08, 2007

Is This Police Brutilaty: 15yr. old Arested for Curfew Violation


OBM: According to the officer the 15yr old bit him at the beginning of the arrest before they reached the front of the car. First, from the footage it seems that there was only this one kid who was in violation. So she was most likely with older friends or relatives at the time of the arrest. So why not right a citation and/or fine the parents instead. Second, it is not typical for a kid to bite a cop who reaches to grab them for an arrest. They are usually scared and are more likely to run than anything else. Lastly, I want to hear fro the girl weather or not she bit the officer. I bet she say she didn't. After viewing was all of this necessary for breaking curfew? What if he broke her arm or pulled it out of socket? then what?
Where were the parents or supervising adult while this was happening? Hopefully more info will come out about this.

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