Wednesday, October 10, 2007

KKK Fliers Prompt Concern At Indy High School

Wed Oct 10, 7:19 AM ET
Hundreds of fliers promoting a "KKK revival" were found blowing around the campus of Arsenal Tech High School on Monday, school officials said Tuesday.

Officials said the fliers urged people to attend a rally at the school, in the 1500 block of East Michigan Street, on Halloween.

Indianapolis Public Schools officials said that staff members tracked down as many fliers as they could, but that students saw some of the messages.

"It looked like somebody created it with a marker and it said at the top 'KKK,'" said Adrian Kelly, a student at Tech.

The poorly penned, handwritten pages are filled with racial slurs and messages of hate toward black and Hispanic students, including swastikas.

"It just said that all the 'N' word and all the border hoppers are going to get killed on Oct. 31," said Tech student Keshia Cook.

Officials said they don't believe the threats are credible and are investigating the incident as a prank.

Authorities also don't think students were involved because the fliers were dropped off at the front gate.

"It was more offensive ... to think there was a hate group on campus or ... coming onto the campus to terrorize our students," said Robert Huggins, the school's vice principal.

School officials said they are working with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department to find those responsible for the flier and promised that any student found to have been involved will be expelled and arrested.

"They are utilizing the services of our criminal intelligence branch. They have put out some feelers in the neighborhood ... trying to get some additional information about who may be behind this," said IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson.

In a news release Tuesday, IPS said that anyone who tries to disrupt the school on Oct. 31 or any other day will face arrest.

"The distribution of this flier is a disgusting display of racism and hatred," said Sarah Bogard, campus administrator. "Our students of all races and backgrounds will continue to find the Tech campus welcoming, safe and committed to providing them the best education possible."

Parents were notified by telephone message Tuesday about the incident and the school's response. Police will have a larger presence at the school on Halloween.

Hate crime charges could be filed in the case if authorities determine who is behind the fliers.

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