Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just a slap on the hand for Officer Beating Another Man

Police Officer Gets Probation For Assaulting Arrestee

Wed May 24, 6:31 PM ET

OBM: The more things change the more they stay the same in INDIANA. Can someone explain how this is a deterrent for future abuse?

An Indianapolis police officer was sentenced Wednesday to 180 days of probation for roughing up an arrestee in February.

Sgt. Frank Jameson also was given a suspended one-year jail term, and he was ordered to attend anger management classes.

Jameson was charged with battery after Keith Ellis, an 18-year-old suspect in an alleged drug deal, claimed that Jameson choked him and banged his head against a wall while he was handcuffed to a pole in an Indianapolis Police Department building Feb. 9.

A second officer confirmed Ellis' account.

James, a 35-year IPD veteran, was demoted from lieutenant to sergeant shortly after the incident.

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