Friday, May 19, 2006

Students Suspended For Bringing 'Happy Crack' To School

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POSTED: 2:04 pm EDT May 18, 2006
UPDATED: 2:18 pm EDT May 18, 2006

'Happy Crack' Is Sugar, Kool-Aid Mixture

PENN HILLS, Pa. -- Parents and at least one school board member said they believe an elementary school in Pennsylvania overreacted when it suspended 14 students earlier this month for mixing sugar and Kool-Aid crystals and calling it "Happy Crack."

Officials in the Penn Hills School District said the kids were suspended for imitating drug activity.

The students put the mixture in plastic bags and labeled it "Happy Crack."

But some parents said they don't think that should have gotten the students suspended from Shenandoah Elementary School.

School Board Member Erin Vecchio told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that she agreed with the parents.

"My own kids used to make it at school. It's Kool-Aid and sugar," Vecchio told the newspaper. "It's colored. It doesn't look like drugs. It looks like Pixy Stix. I didn't find anything wrong with it."

The principal and school superintendent haven't commented on the incident.


Anonymous said...


This should be a no brainer for anyone with kids...

I agree whole heartedly with the decision to suspend the students.

They should have had to go and visit a juvenile hall or even a prision to show them what will happen in the case they decide to sell the real "Happy Crack".

What is the world coming to when parents defend there children when they know in fact that the actions their children took were wrong. If you ask me I think that these children imitating something that is so bad and that hurts people is kinda on the same page as if they were intending to do harm to the other dchildren same as in the case they would bring a fake weapon to school. Who cares if its fake it looks like the real thing and it caused a panic that could have really bad consequences.

Whos to say that in the future these kids wont try and bring the real "Happy Crack" to there class mates now that they know that they have their parents fighting for them next time they might just say that it was the fake stuff when indeed it was the real stuff...

kdsmooth said...



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