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False Flag Operations: Declassified Military Documents Show How US Government Planned Terrorist Attacks Against its Own Citizens

Thu Sep 7, 3:00 AM ET

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 7th, 2006 – As reported by ABC News, stunning military documents codenamed "Operation Northwoods" were declassified in recent years and show how in 1962, the top US military leaders planned an operation to create terror attacks against its own cities and kill US citizens. See: http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=92662&page=1

The documents state that through the fabrication of false evidence, the US would blame Cuba and gain public support for an unpopular war against Castro. They included developing a fake Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, the use of airplanes, and much more.

For further details, the now declassified military documents are available at the National Security Archive of the George Washington University: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/

The ABC News article dated May 1, 2001 explains that Operation Northwoods was approved and signed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Eisenhower appointee Army General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, and was presented to Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962.

A year earlier, President Eisenhower, apparently aware of such dangers, had warned the nation during his January 17, 1961 farewell address:

"In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together." http://www.eisenhower.archives.gov/farewell.htm

General Lemnitzer, the Eisenhower appointee and highest ranking officer of the US military in 1962, recommended that Operation Northwoods be run by the military. It was signed and approved by all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the panel comprising the highest-ranking members of each major branch of the Armed Forces.

As per the ABC News article, the only reason why Operation Northwoods did not materialize in 1962 was because it was apparently turned down by President John F. Kennedy.

By law, the President of the United States is the commander in chief. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Army, the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Air Force and the Coast Guard, are all under his command.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff website explains that based on the Goldwater-Nichols DOD Reorganization Act of 1986, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is today the principal military adviser to the President but doesn’t exercise military command over any combatant forces. http://www.jcs.mil/#

The ABC News article quotes author of "Body of Secrets – Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency," James Bamford, a former Washington Investigative Producer for ABC’s World News Tonight. He says that if such war plans against American cities were put into operation, it would have amounted to treason.

Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them..." http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/constitution.articleiii.html

Bamford goes on to say that around that time, "the Senate Foreign Relations Committee published its own report on right-wing extremism in the military, warning a ‘considerable danger’ in the ‘education and propaganda activities of military personnel’ had been uncovered. The committee even called for an examination of any ties between Lemnitzer and right-wing groups. But Congress didn't get wind of Northwoods..."

Media critic Zwicker says that today, Congress and journalists have access to the declassified documents of Operation Northwoods and that the media must indeed reflect on Eisenhower’s warning of vigilance and be willing to learn and investigate more, publish more and broadcast more information about false flag operations to help prevent such acts of treason from being committed in the future.

In his controversial book critical of both the 9/11 "official story" and the media coverage of the events, Zwicker goes through the history of false flag operations dating back to the 1600s, and among many examples, cites the February 27th,1933 fire of the German Parliament (Reichstag fire) three days prior to Germany’s federal election.

Historians later documented that the fire had been authorized by right-wing Nazis where Hitler used the event to declare a state of emergency and pressured the German President, Hindenburg, to sign a decree abolishing most of the human rights provisions of the Constitution.

Recently, on August 29th 2006, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recounted what he called "the lessons of history," including the failed efforts to appease the right-wing Adolf Hitler regime of the 1930s.

"I recount this history because once again we face the same kind of challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism," said Rumsfeld.

As a senior media critic, Zwicker strongly recommends that all media people indeed follow Rumsfeld’s suggestions in learning the lessons of Nazi history. He points to researching Hitler’s rise to power and how he created a fascist state where there was suppression of the opposition through secrecy, terror, torture and censorship, all justified under nationalism and patriotism.

He also believes that journalists should research and publish more about how Hitler's Nazis manipulated the German population into wars, using psychological manipulation and behavior modification by inducing trauma and fear in others, a process of trauma-based mind control referred to in the now declassified CIA files of "MK ULTRA." To order declassified MK ULTRA documents from the CIA, go to: http://www.wanttoknow.info/mindcontrol10pg#ciadocs

Zwicker believes that the media must investigate and report on whether these fear-based psychological manipulation techniques have been or are being put into application by US leaders in our post 9/11 world, as they appear to be. 9/11 caused much trauma and fear.

Concerned with the direction that the US has headed since 9/11, Dr. Robert M. Bowman, referring to the Bush / Cheney administration during a radio interview, said: "I think there's been nothing closer to fascism than what we've seen lately from this government.” http://www.govinfo.bnet-newmedia.co.uk/opinions_Articles.php?IDVal=50

Bowman is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, a recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, a former head of the US "Star Wars" space weapons program during the Reagan administration and one of America’s foremost experts on National Security.

He commented about the Patriot Act as having, "Done more to destroy the rights of Americans than all of our enemies combined."

Bowman is part of a group of notable experts called the "Scholars For 9/11 Truth" made up of professors, engineers, former intelligence and military personnel, journalists, attorneys and many other professionals who say that the 9/11 attacks raise a red flag because they have many elements of false flag operations, such as a "stand-down" of the military defense on that day, one that must be questioned.

The group, made up of several dozen scholars, believes that the media must no longer ignore the fact that a growing number of them are calling for truly independent investigations into 9/11, including investigations to look into the evidence that points towards a possible false flag operation.

For more information about the evidence that the group claims raise serious new questions, readers can visit their website: http://www.scholarsfor911truth.org/

The group’s call for a truly independent 9/11 investigation appears to resonate with a growing number of mainstream Americans.

A May 2006 Zogby poll of 1,200 adults nationwide found that 45% of those surveyed said that Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success.

Part of the popularity of this growing awareness may be due in part to the millions of people who have viewed one of the most watched online videos of all time, called "Loose Change," which addresses false flag operations and raises serious new questions about the official government 9/11 story. See: http://www.loosechange911.com/

The Zogby poll also showed that more than 42 percent believe that the government and the 9/11 Commission concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official explanation of the September 11th attacks.

To view a detailed copy of the Zogby poll report, visit: http://www.911truth.org/images/911TruthZogbyPollFinalReport.htm

The mainstream American public has not been alone in their frustration from lack of answers about the official 9/11 story. Addressing the White House commissioned 9/11 investigation, a September 1st, 2006 Associated Press article states that:

"The Sept. 11 commission's chairmen, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, said in their recently published book that the commission found it mind-boggling that authorities claimed that their air defenses had reacted quickly. In the book, ‘Without Precedent,’ Kean and Hamilton said the panel was so frustrated with repeated misstatements by the Pentagon and FAA about their response to the 2001 terror attacks that it considered an investigation into possible deception."

On August 9th, 2006, referring to their book and to this issue, CNN’s Lou Dobbs as saying: "But the fact that they were (would) continue and perpetuate the lie, suggests that we need a full investigation of what is going on and what is demonstrably an incompetent and at worst deceitful federal government." http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0608/09/ldt.01.html

The historic reality of the deception of false flag operations is confirmed by former Justice Department prosecutor, John Loftus, who once held some of the highest security clearances in the world with special access to NATO Cosmic, CIA codeword, and Top Secret Nuclear files.

Loftus has been sought after for his terrorism expertise by Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, and many other media across the USA. In a radio interview, when asked about "Operation Northwoods," he said "Sure, yeah, yeah. But you know it, there were thousands of those plans." http://www.debatingforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=19356&sid=06afa63958692e6723c5d72393292cb7

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