Tuesday, September 12, 2006

OPINION: The Most Embarrassing Piece Of Propaganda Ever?

From Hsing Lee

Thought I'd pass this one on to you to share with your readers/viewers/audience...

It's the most embarrasingly bad piece of propaganda I've seen since the 250 lb Osama they tried to pawn off in late 2001.

Supposedly, it's "live" video of an attack on a 911 memorial service in Afghanistan, on CNN.

Anderson Cooper, who we now know is CIA, is the reporter. Quite literally on cue, all the troops rush off screen and man their battlements. And then they cut to the troops firing at an unseen enemy.

We're supposed to believe that the Taliban was good enough to allow Cooper the time to give his set up on live TV before they started firing, and we're also supposed to believe that CNN just happened to have cameras perfectly positioned and ready to record the American soldiers firing those bigass guns at an enemy that we never get to actually see. We're supposed to ignore that Anderson Cooper is a NOC agent, and that Walter Isaacson knew Cooper was CIA and hired him anyway.

They don't even care how transparent their bullshit is anymore. They're that desperate.

Hsing Lee

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